Don’t be afraid to try new ways of promotional or social media marketing, it might make you STAND OUT!

 It’s Dimple Dzz the “Turn Up Promo Chic”

If you haven’t checked out the new entertaining YouTube Dimple show and seen the gorgeous upcoming star Dimple Dzz the “Turn Up Promo chic’ then you are missing out on getting your business, product, service or music promoted LIVE the new millennial way!  Dimple Dzz is a single mom trying to return to the entertainment scenery.  As a singer, rapper, video model and actress, including a mom to two beautiful girls, DiAusha Pate Dearing “Dimple Dzz” decided she was going to start her own part-time job and show to get back out on the entertainment scene. In trying to make connections,  she realized many of her friends who owned businesses need some fun live promotion to help promote their music,  store, restaurant, event or even their services they were offering.  With many of them wanting her to wear, listen to or try their products she thought well why don’t I do that live and start advertising for people and showcase my entertainment talent at the same time.

Dimple Dzz has been around tons of famous people and was lucky to be able to connect with many of them that are long term friends still successful in the music, acting and business industry.  She is going to utilize some of her friendship and business relationship to also help connect those looking to market their products or services to the masses and the urban celebrity clientele.  I say more urban because well this show can be a little Rated R and that could possible stand for a little ratchet but as she says she’s “Glachet” glamourous and ratchet.  Either way, her raw and unfiltered fun entertainment promotions are slowly growing attention and we predict she will soon be another YouTube sensation.  Understand she gets turned up off of her guests energy so if you want to just be chill and classy with straight promo, she’s got you covered too! Be sure to get in NOW and have her promote for you because once she’s truly viral, so will you be!  Her rate are cheap now so you better get in because she hasn’t done a full show where she will have more hot new businesses and underground artists plus celebs.  And trust me, it may be too hard to get on the show before the end of the year!  Follow @Dimple_Dzz on IG & Twitter and Dimple Dzz on Facebook.  ~  QCC Events Blogger  Sign up for #HOTPROMO for your business 

For bookings for out of state hostings contact Quality Connection Consultants/QCC Events +1 (305) 469-5080  Inquiries for the Dimple Dzz Show email: dimpledzzpromo@gmail.com


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