Marketing & promotions, where to start, it seems like it’s all just so much!

Sheesh just the title to this blog got me slightly overwhelmed.  Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Promotions, Events, Business Development, Monetizing, Data Analytics blah, blah, blah it does seem like it is all so much including being in this very technical, highly competitive, you need to stand out and be seen somehow to get likes, followers or just people to come in or click and buy type of world! I remember working for Cox Publishing at a newspaper in S. Florida in 2003 and thinking man, computers have really taken over and the internet is about to do blow things up on epic proportions! Well it did and only a few years later which easily made me want to get out of the newspaper advertising business because I was sure everything was going to go to online ads and buying thinking we are going to lose money big time!   I truly knew it would because I got hooked real quick on eBay!  I loved to scan the web find new things and read everything that stood out, typically the well produced marketing ads that had “SALE” or something drawing me in like a timed offer or something I may have typed and brought up by accident.  I started realizing the very things that are attracting me are exactly what is working to attract other buyers and maybe I should try online ads.  Fast forward to today owning a marketing firm that was a Human Resource and Development and event planning first started by my mother the late and great, Sylvia J. Pate!  The first black Federal Women’s Program manager for the Federal Government and 1st to introduce celebrating Black History in the government and started it in the Pentagon.  I joined in to include marketing and advertising later 25+ years in the sales, marketing and advertising business, mostly 90% of advertisement I do online through social media, website or by email.  I still find word of mouth is still good and sharing information via the web or by text is the fastest easiest and of course cost effective.

There are so many avenues to take when you are trying to create awareness of your brand and business.  Which way is the right way?  How much should you really spend?  What sites, apps, workshops, seminars, marketing guru’s, should you trust!?!?!  Well I’m here to tell ya, some work, some don’t!  Most times you just have to do a little trial and error.  So even after so many years of experience and trial and error of different ways to develop your brand and business, I find that you MUST grow with the times and in order to evolve.  If you are staying with the same products and patterns year after year this not allowing you to broaden your customer base because remember EVERYONE is getting bombarded with pop up ads, email marketing, commercial ads in everything from the music we listen to and even down to in the bathroom stalls with digital boards.  See you can’t even pee in peace! So I say take a ride with me as I blog and continue try to explore some of these new and interesting ways to market, promote and drive traffic to websites, social media, to events, and ultimately to making you money! ~ QCC Blogger #QCCEvents #QCC www.qcconsultant.com

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