Why should you do #EVENTMARKETING

Visual & Brand Marketing – Create an interesting atmosphere to peak curiosity.  Rent bright colored umbrellas, seating to keep people around, have banners with logos & staff outside engaging customers into trying the product, engage people with your brand.


Event marketing can be fun and can be very profitable if done properly and with purpose and intent behind what you are trying to accomplish.  We at QCC Events have done tons of event marketing projects many of which were successful and few that weren’t.  In most cases the ones that weren’t successful was due to not aligning all the promotions and marketing properly and not having the right type of staff to handle generating sales from the event which tends to be a lack on the clients end. 

Many people always think having an event can be either really easy to do or costly and too much involved to try to generate sales or traffic to their location.   You can do event marketing as little as $500.00 to upwards of $100k+ it just depends on what you want to achieve from the event.  First we suggest, you determine WHAT you are doing the event for (i.e. Grand Opening to create awareness, Generate Sales for new items, Network for additional business etc.) Second, you must make sure you pick the proper LOCATION & DATE for the event that matches with the WHAT you are doing the event for.  Third, you need to know WHO you are targeting and the DEMOGRAPHICS.  Now if you  are like most people you are just trying to run a business and handle your products or services so they can get sold, you really don’t have time to put together a quality and beneficial #promotionalevent.  That’s just where people like us come in and do a personal consultation and evaluation as we can take a look at a few things that we know as experts can enhance their current business and bring them just what they are looking for.  We analyze everything from appearance, customer service, price point, analytics, promotional and marketing campaigns and the overall business and day to day operations.  Once we have done our homework, we will come back to you with a plan of action and an agenda of the event just right for your business.  Doing marketing and event planning doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive it just has to be done with knowing if you are not going to do your due diligence and plan, research and develop your own event, THEN HIRE SOMEONE! Otherwise you are more than likely just WASTING money! Check out our parent site www.qcconsulting.com  ~ QCC Blogger DiDiMiami

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