About Us

QCC Events is a division of the parent company Quality Connection Consultants est. 1988 (www.qcconsultant.com) providing top quality talent and entertainment booking, event planning & staffing, business marketing and promotions based in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area servicing the United States and worldwide.  We specialize in venue & digital marketing, promotions and themed events.



We are here to give you a professional platform to display your talents to be viewed daily and chosen by our many clients and worldwide fan base for bookings for various  events, festivals, fundraisers, special parties, music videos and more!  QCC Events wants to help provide you with a professional site to refer your potential client’s and fans to without you having to pay thousands for a site.  Here is a quick easy way to connect people with all of your work.  We are open to receiving quality new entertainers such as reality stars, celebrity entertainers, dancers, musicians, DJ’s, models, artist/paint performers, comedians, magicians, bands and more!  If you have a good fan base and can entertain, we are here to help you get booked! Click to become apart of the QCC Entertainment Team


In order to attract those to your business/event location, you must provide quality marketing to give the right content to connect with your type of fan base or clientele.  At QCC Events, we tailor our advertisement to give the best promotional social media marketing to attract a customer base interested in booking top entertainers for their events.  We will promote through this website, our social sites and at our events and other affiliated events. We will provide marketing material for you to use to promote on your social media sites to also attract more following.  When hiring us, you will be privy to exclusive, private invited, corporate top networking events in various areas of the business to continue to promote your brand and build your clientele and fan base. We are innovative, creative and seek additional outside high-level marketing consultants to provide us with all the right tools to attract new and consistent business just for you.   Click to have QCC Market & Promote for you.


If you are not familiar with how digital marketing works, we can handle that for you! We know it is important to keep in touch with your current customers as well as grow new ones. Digital marketing has been on the rise and continues to rise, so consistency is key along with how you are branding yourself.  In order to truly know where your customer base is coming from, you need to be familiar with data analytics and analyzing that data to create strategic planning for your brand.  At QCC we start with a consultative meeting with you to delve into the nitty gritty of your business by asking all the necessary questions that allow us to create a personal branding campaign that will deliver exactly what you want to accomplish for your business and even more! We design unique marketing material just for your business, we stay in tune with new changes and social media sites and their tools to effectively put your information out properly.

Email: info@qcconsultants.com (non-event business) info@qccevents.com (for event/venue business)


Event planning is a fun, yet very tedious and a time-consuming project that involves clear communication and having good relationships with professional trustworthy businesses and services.  Someone trying to do an event big or small with little to no experience can turn what should be a memorable easy event into a ton of work and a nightmare!  We at QCC Events have over 30 years of event planning and marketing experience.  We are the experts to providing your “Key to Excellence” to your event which happens to be our parent company, Quality Connection Consultants’ motto! We want everything to turn out excellent!  We go to extremes at times just to make your event be one that is spectacular and memorable!  Oh by hiring us you aren’t getting the average regular people, we are those out of the box, inside the box, on top of the box, oh forget the box, we are going all out type of people but still providing all the special unique ideas, VIP one of a kind treatment and a level of trust that we will deliver above a BEYOND your expectations!  Let us plan a special 5o’s Gangsta Birthday Party, or do your company’s 25th Anniversary sparkling silver gala to honor top employees, how about a sports themed weekly event to attract sports fans to attend your venue or maybe a hot DJ to come spice up your club or restaurant to draw a regular crowd, Pair a cool mellow jazz fusion type band to your great chef to draw a nice dinner crowd, whatever it is…WE GOT YOU COVEREDClick to here to let QCC Events start planning your next event.