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QCC Events is here to help boost your brand awareness, gain more followers, generate sales, get you booked or provide you with promotional material.  If you are wondering why go with us instead of the next company offering marketing, promotions and booking services, you shouldn’t wonder, go with BOTH!  Hey we aren’t haters, and there is enough money out there to spread around.  Also, we know there is never too much marketing and promotions as long as it is good, but hell even bad promotions nowadays can constitute sales and definitely following!  Either way, we are here to provide some help because we know life can get busy and you just don’t get to it.  I don’t know if you know but consistency, content, and connections are KEY today in business!

We don’t profess to be the the #1 or the best, we certainly don’t have a million followers right now but were growing.  What we do have is a very dedicated owner and some pretty smart and intuitive business associates that work with us to come up with some of the best and newest ways to get your message out to the masses.  We have been helping people for years but we just don’t brag about it, we just keep pressing forward to the next person to help.  We are just here to offer you yet another way to not stress about making sure at least once a month some information is put out to promote you, your business or your brand.

In choosing for us to be your BOOKING AGENT for you it is very simple.  You will receive:

  • Take calls and emails regarding you being booked
  • Emailed Contracts for verification of booked event
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Filed Documents
  • Payment Processing
  • Confirmation email of booking 
  • Follow up email after booking for future business

You will be charged a 20% booking & processing fee deducted upon booking.

In choosing for us to do MARKETING for you it is giving you information for growing your brand or business.  You will receive:

  • Info on your competition
  • What key words to use in your promotions
  • What strategy can work for the month for your brand/business


In choosing for us to do PROMOTIONS for you it is giving you information for growing your brand or business.  You will receive:

  • Information to put on your social media promotions
  • Creative direction for promotional material
  • Promotions on (6) additional social media sites totalling over 100K (1x)
  • Promotions on several private group sites totalling over 1 million (1x)

If you get our SPECIAL BEST VALUE basic combination package of ALL above included, you also receive additional promotions though the QCC &  QCC Events promotional posts and invited to private events to direct market and promote.  You will also be recommended first to our clients for bookings for their events.

Fees noted on payments page and are subject to change